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Neelam Olk MC RCC 
Clinical Director
Registered Clinical Counsellor 

Welcome! My name is Neelam and I’m a Registered Clinical Counsellor and Clinical Director of Life Wise Counselling. I completed my master’s in counselling at City University and I bring over 10 years of experience to my practice. I am a wife to my beloved partner of 16 years and a mom to 2 beautiful toddlers. I founded Life Wise Counselling to support individuals and couples who are ready for change, open to embarking on their healing journey.

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My lived experience of witnessing severe mental health concerns in my personal and professional life has given me a deep appreciation for the importance of connection and compassion. Connection is a basic human need, necessary for cultivating growth. However, past wounds can show up in our relationships, making it difficult to reach out to loved ones.


Research shows that a strong therapeutic alliance based on respect and unconditional acceptance is imperative for positive outcomes in therapy. Using a strength based and holistic approach to suit your unique needs, I’m committed to creating an environment that allows you to explore your story in a way that is empowering, compassionate and constructive. As your therapist, I will offer trauma informed and culturally responsive support to your healing journey.


Our ability to put ourselves first, make productive choices and feel confident is deeply impacted by our past emotional history. Living a life of health and wellness involves looking inward and rising above our past in a safe space of acceptance.


Thank you for visiting my page. I'm currently accepting new clients. I look forward to connecting with you - Let's start healing.

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Neelam offers telephone, online and in-person counselling at our location in Burnaby, BC.

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