Impulsive behavior is a symptom of deep-rooted pain that causes incredible guilt and isolation. It may cause feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, and depression.


Unbearable feelings, especially shame, keep people stuck in destructive cycles. The shameful voice in your head, constantly narrating negative stories, leads to more isolation, more pain, and further shame.


Acting on impulses, despite foreseeable consequences, is a way of coping with emotional, unbearable pain. The rational side of your brain may understand the concerns in making impulsive decisions, but the need for temporary relief is uncontrollable. The emotional side of your brain is overpowering. This desperate need for temporarily relief is likely the result of unresolved trauma.


Struggling with impulsivity can feel like you’re trapped and alone, without any capacity for support or understanding from the outside world. What may look like self-centred behavior from the outside, is a mechanism for self-soothing and survival.


It is a coping strategy, which may have been necessary for survival during traumatic times, but is no longer functional.


The cycle of impulsive behavior with binge eating, shopping, gambling, substance abuse and more, can be broken. It IS possible to change and gain more control of your life.


Feeling stuck in this cycle causes people to breach their own ethics and make decisions that don’t align with their morals.


It is incredibly difficult to experience peace and joy without living a life that aligns with your values. Reflecting on your values can be helpful in recovery. it provides us with clarity and understanding of the life that we want to live. However, people may feel confused about knowing where to begin in this journey. This confusion can feel overwhelming, but having a therapist walk alongside your journey can alleviate pressure and provide emotional clarity. 


We want to hear your survival story. We will offer you support, connection, understanding, and guidance in a safe and comfortable space.


Instead of focusing on the symptoms of unresolved trauma (gambling, shopping, binge eating, substance use, etc.), we hope to begin healing the deeper, underlying pain.

Through meaningful connection, self-compassion, and conversation about resiliency, you can become empowered to cope and live a more satisfying life. A life that not only aligns with your values, but one that you are proud of.


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"forgive yourself for what you did while living in survival mode" 

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