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The vast majority of us can feel powerless to our problems, stuck in destructive patterns, or challenged with negative thoughts that weigh heavy on our shoulders. 


We begin to identify with our problems and become hopeless for change, making it more difficult to overcome our deep rooted traumas. Healing from our lived experiences is an ever changing path, with ups and downs along the way. Personal development is not passive and requires patience, courage, and connection among other things.

At Life Wise, we believe that true connection is a basic human need, necessary for cultivating growth. However, past wounds can show up in our relationships, making true connections difficult to find or maintain.


Shame can also play a factor in our hesitancy to open up to loved ones. Shame often accompanies depression, anxiety, and addiction, which causes us to retreat, isolate, and/or push loved ones away. 

Research tells us that a strong therapeutic connection built upon mutual respect is imperative for positive outcomes in counselling. Using a strength based approach to suit your needs, we’re committed to creating an environment that allows you to explore your story in a way that is empowering and constructive. 

Our ability to put ourselves first, make productive choices, and feel confident is deeply affected by our past emotional history. Living a life of health and wellness involves looking inward and rising above our past in a safe space of acceptance. 


Counselling will provide you with time to focus on your mental health and improve your wellbeing. It is an opportunity to explore your innate resiliency, reclaim your mind and body, and access your inherent wisdom during times of stress.


With the right tools, you have the power to cultivate insight & awareness to fuel your journey in finding self-acceptance, self-compassion, and emotional freedom. New insights will allow you to transition out of auto-pilot in order to make more conscious choices and create a life that you are proud of. 


We have seen many individuals learn how to manage their emotions, gain self-confidence, and truly change the way that they feel. We feel privileged to not only witness, but walk alongside the journey of so many individuals towards resiliency. 

If you are ready for change and open to embarking on your healing journey, contact us for a free consultation and learn more about the counselling process. 

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