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How can we support you?

Different types of therapy to support your healing journey 



Services are offered online and in person at our Burnaby (main office), Vancouver, Langley & Maple Ridge BC offices 


Counselling provides space for you to process and share your story with a committed therapist. Using a strength based and trauma informed approach, your therapist will work alongside you to re-discover your inherent strength and wisdom. Through conversation and the right tools, you will gain insight and perspective into your situation, and ultimately make positive changes. 

50 Min - 140$
+ GST 
80 Min - 180$ + GST

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We will support you and your partner in building a more secure emotional bond based on compassion and love. Growth lies within the realm of discomfort and courage. We will support you in accessing your vulnerability with your partner in a protected, safe space. This openness has shown to build intimacy and a newfound sense of connectedness in relationships. Your comfort and growth is our priority. We look forward to walking alongside your journey of healing and reconnection.

50 Min - 170$
80 Min - 255$ + GST


Oftentimes other relationships in the family system may impact individual work in counselling. A conjoint session can be beneficial to individual growth by providing mediation to not only address relationship challenges, but also discuss solutions. Communication techniques, boundary work, and gaining insights to individual experiences in the family system can profoundly change the dynamic of relationships. 

50 Min - 170$ + GST
80 Min - 255$ + GST

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Don't fit into one of these boxes? We understand. 

If you're unsure whether counselling will be beneficial or even necessary for you, then we have available options to mitigate your hesitation. Contact us to speak with a counsellor directly, at no cost to you. We want to ensure that you make an informed choice about your counsellor and are matched with a counsellor who fits your needs. If our clinic isn't the best fit for you, we hope to provide you with alternate resources. 


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EMDR Therapy or Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing is proven to help resolve symptoms of complex trauma, PTSD, anxiety, depression, and more. If you’re feeling stuck, bothered by painful memories or talk therapy isn’t working for you, then EMDR can help. EMDR allows you to confront your past and revisit traumatic experiences in a safe environment while reducing your body’s fear response. Your therapist will use eye movement or tapping to activate parts of the brain that promote self-soothing and problem solving. This method called “bilateral stimulation” will help you reprocess painful experiences so that you can move forward from them and thrive in your life.

50 Min - 140$ + GST
80 Min - $180 + GST

PreMarital Counselling Vancouver, wedding, wedding rings, ceremony


Don't gamble on the success of your marriage.

With divorce rates on the rise, it remains evident that many couples feel challenged to maintain intimacy, verbal/physical affection, and friendship during their marriage. Research reveals that Premarital Counselling is an effective investment to support a healthy lifelong commitment. Participating in premarital counselling can profoundly change the course of your marriage by preparing you for the life that you and your partner want to create. 


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Are you experiencing any residual effects from an accident? Do you feel anxious driving a vehicle? As part of your insurance policy with ICBC, you are qualified to 12 sessions with a Registered Clinical Counsellor. If you notice any changes in your thinking, emotions, and behaviors post accident, we will provide space for you to process and overcome these effects. It is not uncommon for those involved in MVAs to experience increased depression, anxiety, and more from the trauma involved in an accident. Contact us to learn if you qualify. 

50 Min - Direct ICBC Billing 
80 Min - Direct Billing + 50$

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