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How can we support you?

Different types of therapy to support your healing journey 




Counselling provides space for you to process and share your story with a skilled therapist. Using a strength based and trauma informed approach, we commit to creating a comfortable and safe space for individuals seeking support. Counselling provides an opportunity for clients to discover their inherent strength and wisdom during times of stress. Through conversation and technique clients are able to gain insight and perspective into their situation and behaviour.


Oftentimes other relationships in the family system may impact individual work in counselling. A conjoint session can be beneficial to individual growth by providing mediation to not only address relationship challenges, but also discuss solutions. Communication techniques, boundary work, and gaining insights to individual experiences in the family system can profoundly change the dynamic of relationships. 

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Services for Individual Therapy


Overcome your anxiety and fear by discovering how to cope and live in the present moment. Take back control over your mind, body, and emotions. 


Healing is about discovering the pain that has gone unresolved. We experience the lasting effects of trauma emotionally, mentally and physically. Together, we can begin the healing process from your lived experiences.


Learn how to defeat depression and replace unwanted feelings with joy and freedom. Learn to free yourself from detrimental thoughts, feelings, and habits. Discover how to create space for more compassionate ways of being. 


By increasing our conscious awareness, we can discover how our past traumas shape our habitual patterns and addictions. Our goal is to guide and support your process in working through the unresolved pain and guilt through a compassionate lens. 

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Crime Victim Assistance Program (CVAP)

If you are a victim of a crime, the Crime Victim Services Program allows you to speak with a trauma informed registered clinical counsellor about your experience. If you are feeling uneasy and would like to access immediate support please contact us at 604-449-8549.



To register for the counselling program directly, please contact Victim Services at 604-660-3888.

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Don't fit into one of these boxes? We understand. 

If you're unsure whether counselling will be beneficial or even necessary for you, then we have available options to mitigate your hesitation. Contact us to speak with a counsellor directly, at no cost to you. We want to ensure that you make an informed choice about your counsellor and are matched with a counsellor who fits your needs. If our clinic isn't the best fit for you, we hope to provide you with alternate resources. 

Couple's Therapy


Many couple's seek professional help as a means to improve (or even save) their relationship. Vast amounts of research supports the benefits of counselling to strengthen positive affection and overall relationship satisfaction. in addition to deepening your intimate connection, you will learn practical tools to manage conflict and communicate effectively.  

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Don't gamble on the success of your marriage.

With divorce rates on the rise, it remains evident that many couples feel challenged to maintain intimacy, verbal + physical affection, and friendship during their marriage. Research reveals that Premarital Counselling is an effective investment to support a healthy lifelong commitment. Participating in premarital counselling can profoundly change the course of your marriage by preparing you for the life that you and your partner want to create. 



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If you are in a crisis and need immediate assistance please contact the BC Crisis Line at 604-872-3311 or these resources.

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