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Welcome to Life Wise

We are team of experienced Registered Clinical Counsellors who believe in a research-based approach to therapy. We are inclusive, accessible, and offer a personalized therapeutic experience. In addition to providing in person counselling at our Burnaby and Langley offices, we offer secure online counselling.

Counselling is an experience and opportunity for clients to explore their innate resiliency, reclaim their mind and body, and access their inherent wisdom during times of stress. 

Individual Counselling

EMDR Therapy
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The Gottman Method
Premarital Counselling Program

Prenatal + Postpartum Counselling


Youth Counselling
Separation Counselling
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Client Testimonials 

My name is Dr. Clair and I work as a Family Physician in Langley. Many of my patients come to me asking for recommendations on potential counselors. Searching online can be overwhelming and exhausting. Since I started referring my patients to Lifewise Clinic, the feedback had been nothing but positive. I highly recommend Neelam Olk with MC, RCC designation for all your mental health needs.

Dr. N Clair 

Why Life Wise?

Your mental health & wellness matters. 
We can help you change the way that you feel and build a fulfilling life.

With evidence-based practices that focus on the mind-body connection, our clients have the power to cultivate insight to fuel their journey in finding acceptance, self-compassion and emotional freedom.


We have over 10 years of experience with extensive training and continuing education. 


We welcome people from all orientations, backgrounds, and ethnicities. 

Culturally Responsive

As a diverse team of color, we prioritize making room for cultural nuances in the therapeutic process. 

Trauma informed

We will meet you with respect, compassion, and guidance as you heal through your lived experiences.

Certification & Memberships

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Areas Of Practice 

We've got you covered.


Anxiety is the anticipation of impending danger. Our bodies prepare for this perceived threat by transitioning to a state of fight or flight.


Our bodies experience drastic changes emotionally, mentally, and physically during pregnancy and postpartum. Managing these changes can be overwhelming, lonely, and scary.


Depression is a state of deep sadness, heaviness, and even immobilization. We can feel disconnected from ourselves and the world. 

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Anger is a strong emotion that causes profound physiological arousal in the body. Learn how to manage your anger so that you can choose how to respond appropriately and productively. 


Trauma is unresolved pain that lives in the mind and body. Together, we can re-learn safety in your body and emotionally heal from your lived experiences. 

Couple's Counselling 

Reconnect, heal old wounds, and let your relationship flourish through vulnerability and discovery.

Substance Use

Substance use can be a means to escape from a heavy reality. It elicits shame, guilt, and low self-esteem. We can support you in gaining more control so that you learn to make conscious, productive choices and break bad habits.

Family Counselling

Communication techniques, boundary work, and gaining insights to individual experiences in the family system can profoundly change the dynamic of relationships. 

Don't fit into one of these boxes?

We understand. We want to ensure that we align with your values and vision for change. Speak to a counsellor directly, at no cost to you. Contact us for a free consultation at 604-449-8549 or email us at

Couples Counselling

Address your relational challenges in a safe and supportive space so that you feel heard and understood. You and your partner will learn how to communicate effectively while attending to each other’s emotions, perceptions, and underlying needs.

Unhealthy patterns can ultimately change the dynamic of relationships and lead to unnecessary resentment and stress. The research shows that it is possible to break through negative cycles with the support of evidence-based treatments. 

The goal of couple's therapy is to create a more secure emotional bond. The research shows that trust, intimacy, and overall satisfaction can drastically increase through approaches like Emotionally Focused Couple's Therapy and the Gottman Method for couples.

​Growth lies within discomfort. Take the risk, access your vulnerability with your partner, and allow your relationship to flourish.

Healing is possible. Approaches that are grounded in science will be used to help resolve your challenges. We aim to support you by getting to the heart of the matter. By exploring beneath the surface, beyond surface level disagreements, you can heal from the core issues and patterns that are to blame for your relational distress.

If you and your partner decide to embark on this journey, we will meet you with experience, guidance, support, and effective treatments. We are confident that you will continue to reap the benefits from this investment for years to come.

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