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Take steps towards healing with confidence, knowing that you are in caring and capable hands. 

We understand that it takes time to build safety and trust in relationships, especially with a therapist. Our reviews reflect our commitment to nurture therapeutic relationships of compassion, warmth, security, and vulnerability. Please take a moment and explore our clients’ experiences and reviews. 

Natasha k

Life Wise Counselling provided an outstanding experience. Not only was my counsellor phenomenal, I was able to change the way I approached counselling though the easy and calm fashion in which my counselor approached their practice. My counsellor helped me understand the true cause/root of my anxiety and worked with me to improve my well-being and symptoms

Dr. Clair

My name is Dr. Clair and I work as a Family Physician in Langley. Many of my patients come to me asking for recommendations on potential counselors. Searching online can be overwhelming and exhausting. Since I started referring my patients to Lifewise Clinic, the feedback had been nothing but positive. I highly recommend Neelam Olk with MC, RCC designation for all your mental health needs

Sonia K

Life Wise Counselling provides a very safe space for their clients. The staff are attentive and very professional throughout the process and very easy to work with. My counsellor was engaging and kind and I left with a very positive experience. I would highly recommend this counselling service!

Building trust means being transparent. We are proud to share our private ratings provided by our clients. We are respecting their privacy by keeping these reviews anonymous. 

Screenshot 2024-05-22 at 10_edited.jpg
Jyoti is really good at what she does. She is knowledgeable, respectful, proactive and the list goes on! I enjoy her counselling approach as it helps put things into prospective, challenges my views and gives me the resources to work on things outside of the sessions! As a young adult man I would highly recommend Jyoti to anyone looking for counselling!

April 3 2023

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Thank you for taking the time to read about our clients transformative experiences!

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