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Unhealthy patterns can ultimately change the dynamic of relationships and lead to unnecessary resentment and stress. Through guidance, psychoeducation, and effective communication, couples have the opportunity to deepen their connection and regain feelings of love and excitement. If you are feeling stuck in unhealthy patterns, you can discover how to move beyond unproductive ways of communicating and develop a stronger bond based on mutual respect. 

Why Counselling?

Couples counselling allows you to address your relational challenges in a safe and supportive environment so that both parties  feel heard and understood. Counselling enables you to communicate effectively while attending to each other’s emotions, perceptions, and underlying needs. That being said, counselling isn't just about communication, it will support you in getting to the heart of the matter so that you resolve deeper issues. With the help of your counsellor you will learn how to identify, stop, and transition out of negative cycles. 


If you're feeling stuck in a relationship that defaults to criticism, defensiveness, disrespect, or even complete withdrawal then we can support the positive change that you're hoping for. Research shows that couples have the ability to recover and grow from difficult periods. Both Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) and The Gottman Method have proven to be effective treatments for couples looking to develop a more satisfying bond. Contact us today to discover how to cultivate a connection that entails love, maturity, and friendship.

What Makes Relationships Successful?

According to John Gottman, a researcher who studied heterosexual and same sex couples for 40 years, happy relationships are characterized by dialogue, positive affection, and emotional attunement. They are committed, trusting, have shared values, and manage conflict well.

So, how can you rekindle these fundamental elements in your relationship? It may seem impossible, but the research shows that couples who are committed have the ability to regain and even deepen their connection. 

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Intervention Strategy

How can you change the nature of your relationship? 

Our highly skilled therapists are trained in both Level 1 & 2 of Gottman Couple’s Therapy. We strongly believe in utilizing effective evidence based practices that are grounded in science. Emotion Focused Couple’s Therapy, Behavioural Therapy, and Gottman Therapy have proven to revitalize the friendship, intimacy and positive affection in relationships. As per Gottman methods, your Counsellor will begin by reviewing the Sound House Relationship theory with you. You will collaboratively evaluate the various ‘levels’ of your relationship to determine your strengths and potential areas of growth. Together, you will co-create a treatment plan to support your goals for therapy.


If you have suffered from past trauma individually or due to challenges in the relationship, our Counsellor can utilize different approaches such as Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) to support you with unresolved pain. 

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But wait, I thought  
all you need is love?

Idealizing love seems to be a universal concept. Our culture, music, books, and movies tell us that love equals happiness. We romanticize love, and believe that with the "right" person, love means that all of our suffering, our pain will resolve itself. Love is the solution to life’s problems, isn’t it? 

Perhaps, putting pressure on our partners and relationships to fulfil this idealized version of love isn’t healthy for us. Perhaps, in addition to passionate love, focusing on important values and compatibility really IS healthy for us. Values are guiding principles and beliefs that dictate our behaviour. This means that attending to values like respect, trust, empathy and companionship will dictate behaviors of love and affection. 


Sustaining a healthy and happy relationship requires intent and commitment. We have to be mindful of how we create and maintain a lifelong connection with another person. We have to create a strong and safe foundation to return to during inevitable tough times. Additionally, we need to learn how to communicate our needs effectively.


Lastly, we have to be mindful of how we show up and support our Self AND our partners every day. Rather than focusing on idealistic notions of what love should be, we focus on what actually works. 


The resiliency of your relationship is in your hands. Learn to cultivate respect and intimacy through scientific intervention. Contact us at 604-449-8549 to speak with a trained relationship Counsellor today. 

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Pre-Marital Counselling

Many people dream of their wedding day. They spend time picking the perfect dress, a beautiful venue, amazing food and so much more. They envision the perfect wedding, and this often takes precedence over the marriage. 


Pre-Marital Counselling is proven to be an effective tool for a satisfying lifelong commitment, but most people fail to consider it a priority.


At Life Wise, we encourage couples to spend time learning about relationships and what makes them work. 

By learning how to identify challenges and how to manage conflict well, you will set yourselves up for success. Some people may believe that counselling is reserved for couples who struggle with tumultuous cycles prior to marriage, but we challenge this thought. Research shows that almost all of newlyweds don't believe they will get divorced. With divorce rates on the rise, it's evident that a strong marriage takes work. 

We have carefully designed a Premarital Counselling Program based on theory and research regarding successful long term marriages. This program consists of 10 sessions dedicated to different topics to help strengthen your connection and mitigate potential challenges in your future. Topics include conflict resolution, parenting styles, gender roles, and more.

We are confident that this program will be a helpful investment for a successful lifelong commitment. Contact us at 604-449-8549 to set up a free consultation.